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        • The examination and approval mode for large-scale medical equipment in 11 regions should change
        • Release time: 2017-08-22 Clicks:3350 
        • The national health and family planning commission (NHFPC) has issued a notice on deepening the investment vitality of the medical field in the reform of "management and management", and launched 10 key reforms to further invigorate the market. Among these 10 initiatives, in addition to adding five more independent medical institutions, there is one more thing:
          "Explore test approved by the state council for free trade zone b large medical equipment on the allocation of social do medical institutions to inform commitment system, provincial family planning department should formulate corresponding health matter afterwards supervision measures and strengthen supervision."
          Our country currently has strict configuration approval management for large medical devices, and medical institutions can purchase large medical equipment after receiving the large medical equipment allocation license. Among them, the major equipment of class a is approved by the national health and family planning commission.
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