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        • American version of precision medicine vs. Chinese precision medicine
        • Release time: 2015-12-08 Clicks:3325 
        •  Since President Obama's "precise medical plan" in the state of the union address, precision medicine has rapidly become the focus of global medical debate and attention. The author will carry out a series of reports on the new pattern of global medical development and the general health of mankind. This is the launch of the American version of precision medicine and Chinese version of precision medicine.
          American version of precision medicine
          In 2011, the national academy of sciences (NAS), national academy of engineering (NAE), the national institutes of health (NIH) and the national science council (NSB) jointly issued initiative towards precision medicine.
          Dr. Maynard v. lson, a leading genomics expert, was co-authored by Dr. Maynard v. lson, a national think tank, in a simultaneous release of "going to precision medicine." The report puts forward the accurate treatment and effective early warning of human diseases through the study of genetic association and the close integration of clinical medicine. 24 years ago, he also participated in the drafting another landmark think-tank report the determination of the human genome sequence, he became involved in both the only scientists report, declared the United States think-tank, emphasis on scientific research route and the strategy of continuity.
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